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About Us

Having an extensive knowledge of the industry coupled with the fact that we love what we do and pride ourselves on our standard of work, we believe we can provide you with that special service and a final item which you will be proud to wear and show off.  First impressions count and we want to make yours really count!

By appointment, we welcome our customers in to the workshop to choose their own thread colours, take a look at sample clothing and even watch our machines in operation. We hope our friendly atmosphere makes your embroidery experience a fun and involved one.

We've been privileged to work with individuals and private clients along with some high profile corporate clients. We also white label our services to other agencies, so whilst we are unable to show off all of our work, you can view a good selection within our Gallery page.  

There are basically two types of embroidery thread for most embroidery, rayon and polyester. They both have their purposes and are designed for different uses. Rayon is beautiful, has a wonderful sheen and great for heirloom quality work. It tends to be a bit more delicate than most polyester threads. Polyester thread is made stronger to be heavily laundered and is used most on sport uniforms, work uniforms and items that will be worn and washed frequently.  The thread that we use is Madeira, a top quality thread which comes in almost any colour, including metallic and multicolour threads and is hard wearing and durable.  We'd also like to point out that we choose to use Madeira threads as the raw materials are only from accredited, sustainable sources and the process they use is fully REACH compliant along with having a strict ethical code for their employees. Madeira threads have been awarded the highest level CLASS I OEKO-TEX Certification and more to play their part in conscientious resource management.

Depending upon your requirements, we can source the garment or product for you or we are more than happy for you to supply to us.  We will help and advise on what is suitable material to embroider on and help with the logo and graphic elements with our full digitising service.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal, local style service, no matter who you are or where you are based.

  • By Appointment, we welcome you to our workshop
    Donna @ DM Designs Workshop
  • Lots of fun ways to promote your business
    Lots of fun ways to promote your business
  • Quality Control and Packing Process
    Quality Control and Packing